Christmas in My Land

A Message from Chef Patrick: When it comes to Christmas songs, let’s face it, it’s been said. Many times, and many ways. This is an original holiday song with a special message, produced by the great John Hendrickson, and featuring my friends David Forlu on vocals and Ryan Heinlein on Trombone. I wrote this song […]

I Will Sing

CREDITS Produced By: Aaron Mayfield Drums: Jerrod J-rod Sullivan Synth Bass: Aaron Mayfield Bass Guitar: Aaron Mayfield All Guitars: Aaron Mayfield All Keyboards and Piano: Aaron Mayfield Horns: Aaron Mayfield, Ryan Heinlein, Saxophonist Mike Herrera Background Vocals: Doris Donley, Andrea Mitchell, Cydney Harris, Randall Jones, Marlin Hatcher Jr, Samaria Janae Lead Vocal: Bishop Daniel Smart […]

Give a Shout (feat. Phil Stacey & Keith Stacey)

CREDITS Lead Vocals: Phil’s Stacey Music arrangement: Keith Stacey Background Vocals: Keith & Amanda Stacey, Jordan Mills and Jamera Monique Mixing/Mastering: John Hendrickson, Kevin Penner Recorded at: Dwelling Place Music Studio in Missouri. Music and Lyrics: Patrick Quillec