Story of a King (feat. Phil Stacey)


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1. Story of a King (5:02)
2. Your Beauty (4:36)
3. Expectation (4:01)
4. Wings of Eagles (3:24)
5. Somewhere (3:56)
6. Satisfied (4:47)
7. Walk by Faith (3:25)
8. I Found Love (3:57)



Vocal: Phil Stacey, Amanda Stacey
Bass: Kevin Mellor
Piano: Alejandro Sales
Drums: John Hendrickson
Drums: Zacharie Mejean
Acoustic Guitar: Arthur Riley

Organ: Damon Parker
Keyboard: David Forlu
Cello: Ezgi Karakus
Electric Guitar: Jeff Stocks
Sas: Mike Hererra
Violin: Scott Nance
Guitar: Zach Hord
Electric Guitar: Alain Raspaud



Studio: Dwelling Place Music Discography
Mastering: Kevin Penner

Performing Rights Organization: BMI 550627732
Recording owner: Rivers of Life Music, LLC Copyright 2018, All Rights Reserved

Made in USA