For the Francophile in Your Life.

Et Voila! My new Album for the francophile in your life! Do you have a friend or family member that goes “C’est si Bon” for all things French? Then dear friends, you have a Francophile in your life! And whether your Bro/Sis or soul brother/sister has never stepped foot on French soil, they still love to surround themselve and listen to that “je ne sais quoi” music of France.

Music has always held an elevated place in France, where they know how to enjoy the finer things in life. The album, FiNi, style takes from artist like Django Reinhardt who fused gypsy and swing rhythms into a propulsive and original sound. With its deliberately retro sound, gypsy jazz has a strong following in France and can even be counted as a French contribution to jazz.

The wonderful thing about French music is that you don’t necessarily need to understand the language to embrace the song. C’est la vie!

Romantic and expressive, this peculiar sound remains the perfect way to sing about love, sorrow, faith, life and history. And all made here, in Kansas City with local artist. “mais oui, bien sûr.”



Phil Stacey, Vocal
Beau Bledsoe, acoustic guitars
Adam Schlozman, acoustic guitar
Hermon Mehari, trumpet
Zach Beeson, Bass
Zacharie Mejean, drums + percussion
Scott Nance, Violin
Ezgi Karakus, Cello
Steve Lambert, clarinet
Jeff Stocks, electric guitar
Alain Raspaud, electric guitar
Ryan J. Lee, drums
Judah Earl, bass and more
Arthur Riley, guitar
Jordan Mills, guitar
John Hendrickson, recording studio
Louis Imperiale, accordion
Patrick Quillec, Vocal
Alyssa Bell, viola
Matthew Bennett, concert violinist
Keith Stacey, composer
Trenae Baker, vocal
Sandrine Guirayo, vocal